The stunning betta fish is a member of a huge group of fish, such as the betta splendens and gouramis. These incredible fish are often remarkably vivid in color, and are typically around 2 to 3 inches long. Betta fish are in the anabantoid family because of their labyrinth organ. Betta fish are generally aggressive fish, and aggressive personalities have gotten bettas the nickname Siamese fighting fish. Because of this, male bettas are typically kept alone in their own aquarium. help with bettas

Other than King and Giant betta fish, most bettas are pretty small. Bettas only get to be about three inches in length and a half an inch wide. The natural coloring of a betta fish is green and brown, yet many grow to be full of bright colors like turquoise, magenta, salmon and many more. For years, betta fish breeders have used the most vibrant fish and bred them together to make more bold and desirable betta fish. Even the fins were altered through breeding - natural bettas have very small fins, but lots of bettas in the fish stores features really big flowing fins. see this here

Should you be pondering betta breeding as of this time you then should be manufactured aware of your certainties. Reproduction is definitely a good thought right up until and except if it gets to the phase involving complete annoyance along with trouble. For starters, you need to always be certain in regards to the tank mate that you will be planning to looking for your fish. Picking pals can be a critical job. If the completely wrong mate can be chosen, it could result in hostile clashes every day.

The betta fish has a really unique mating technique. When the male betta fish happens to be interested in the female, he will flare his gills and fins. If the male is able to arouse the female, her colors will get darker. A nest of bubbles will be made by the surface of the water by the male betta. The female betta fish will then release her eggs to the male who then fertilizes them. The male betta fish will then scoop up the eggs in his mouth and place them safe and sound into the bubble nest. The fertilized eggs will remain in the safety of the nest of bubbles while they hatch and are able to swim on their own.

Many people say betta fish have a lifespan of just 2 to 3 years, however in a good aquarium, they often live for as long as eight years. Just be certain that you keep the proper environment and nutrition. Whether y