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With the surge in tax risks, complex rules and regulations, interagency cooperation and real time communication between tax authorities there is an increasing emphasis on evidencing behaviours through governance and documentation. Technical merit is no longer enough. Seasoned tax specialists are able to advise on giving frank honest advice on any tax situation that arises from HMRC. Technology requires tax professionals to spend the time to hone in on specifically what the law and interpretations require to be even more adept at quickly leveraging data and applying technologies successfully. The legal profession in England is divided into two parts: barristers and solicitors. In general, solicitors do transactional work while barristers appear in Court and tribunals and do advisory work of a complex nature. Tax barristers must not only have the ability to translate and implement complex tax legislation, but must also be able to advise on how to structure deals in a legitimate and tax-efficient way to avoid conflict with, and potential penalties imposed by HMRC. A few United Kingdom tax barristers can facilitate pre-mediation structured discussions with HMR.

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Barristers, solicitors or lawyers work for employers who sponsor pension schemes and related parties such as shareholders, pension scheme trustees and managers, and high net worth individuals. A tax barrister can help you by drafting second opinions where other lawyers have already been involved. Tax barristers can advise and represent both taxpayers and tax authorities, including HMRC. Most tax barristers can handle cases on all taxes. Some have particular fields of specialisation within the wide context of tax law. Need Pensions Advice If so, its important to employ the services of a skilled professional?

# Controversy Matters

Barristers operate a flexible and mobile approach to advising a wide range of clients, relying on the latest technology. UK tax law can be complex and, to some, a little daunting. Capital gains tax and exit planning is an area a tax compliance expert can assist with. Providing advice to Pension Scheme Trustees is something that a pensions specialist barrister can do. Customers can focus their finances on one specialist barrister with in-depth experience in tax and financial crime cases, including tax avoidance schemes, GAAR and enabler penalties, Civil and Criminal tax investigations, Stamp Duty Land Tax, Offshore disclosure and money laundering. A Inheritance Tax Advice service will represent clients to determine the best fit for their needs.

De-registration of VAT, zero-rating, reliefs, place of supply, fraud (including “Knowledge/means of knowledge” appeals) and invalid invoices are all areas that tax barristers can accept instructions on. Proposals for flat taxes are all about big tax cuts for those who are already well off and about little or no change at all, at least in tax rates, for those on lower incomes. This is hardly surprising, because this is exactly what the political philosophy of those proposing these taxes would lead one to expect. Some of the leading tax barristers have experience in corporation tax matters including those concerning Double Taxation Conventions; When you work in Tax, you need to explain complex regulations in a way non-specialists can understand. Clear written and verbal communication is an absolute must. The interaction between money, inflation, the need to deliver economic activity for the benefit of all and the role that taxation has to play in that process has, then, long been appreciated. It has also, unfortunately, been long forgotten by some, at cost to us all. Advisory services such as Domicile Advice are a common sight today.

# International Tax Matters

Some of the most established tax barristers act as expert witnesses in contentious tax matters and have experience of giving evidence at trial. Barristers often receive their work from solicitors. This work or ‘brief’ is to assist the solicitor's client and is usually either to give a written advice on a legal issue, to advise on the strength of a case or to represent the client in court. Stamp Duty Land Tax experts ensure that your liability is reduced as much as possible whilst remaining HMRC compliant. Some United Kingdom tax barristers are in high demand as conference speakers around the world and contribute regularly to periodicals and journals. Most histories of tax start in the modern era, but it was actually the Babylonians who are the first known to be in on the act despite having some problems to overcome in achieving their aims. All professionals involved with Tax Barrister have a duty to be confidential.

A barrister that focuses on pensions can help trustees, employers, actuaries, benefit consultants, senior executives and IFAs. It might not seem sexy, but tax policy – who, when and why the state taxes – is at the heart of determining the character of a society. Some tax barristers have particular knowledge of insolvency and income tax, but also act in SDLT cases and are increasingly called on to advise on tax avoidance schemes. Unearth supplementary info appertaining to Expert UK Tax Barristers on this [ ] page.

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