You want to arrive at your evacuation destination in perfect health without any diseases or infections.Having the proper sanitation products will ensure you are healthy when you evacuate, especially if you are traveling on foot.Bug out usbBindern95 masksunblockpocket knifecashglassesKnives and other ProtectionWe are going to list a few items that we would recommend you carry in your bag.Carrying a fire arm or more tactical protection devices is at your discretion.Pepper sprayknivesClothesPacking additional clothes in your bug out bag is essential for both your comfort and survival.Imagine if a disaster does occur and you are left in your work clothes or even worse high heels.Separately pack your clothes in a dry sack with each outfit sealed.This will prevent multiple items of clothing from getting wet or damaged.We recommendedPonchohatwork glovesquick dry underwearwool long sleeve shirt2 wool blend sockswater proof hiking shoewater proof hiking bootsbug jacket.You Can Return Home or to Your Supply Cache before EvacuatingThe ideal scenario for evacuating is that you have the option to head back home and gather supplies for your evacuation.You will also have the opportunity to fortify your house and set up your defenses to protect your home from invasion and possible looting.Prepping Your HouseDepending on the amount of time you have before your evacuation you will want to prepare your house.First you want to be sure to turn off your water, gas, and electricity.Next, close the blinds and lock up all your windows.Make sure to lock all your doors and secure your garage doors.If wind is part of the disaster you want to clean up any debris in your yard and secure any items that could blow away.What to TakeWhen loading up your family into your evacuation vehicle you need to take as many supplies as you can.First, you want to take your evacuation binder and bug out usb device.Next, you want to transfer your long term bug out bag into your vehicle.Feel free to add extra food and water supplies to your vehicle but make sure you understand that you might need to leave the supplies behind if you have to travel by foot.At this time any personal items or comfort items can be added to your vehicle.Make one final check that your house is secure and off you go.Final Word Of Urban PreppingPrepping needs to be practiced just like any other skill you can learn.Educating yourself, learning different tactics, and practicing these tactics will improve your prepping skills.Don’t just stockpile food and supplies and think that you’re prepared.Take these principles that we’re going to teach you and dig deeper.Prepping can be a great hobby and you may find yourself among the ten percent of heroes that are ready to lead should a disaster occur.

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