Analysis for fun KrosRogue? wrote: "Some things can be analyzed, some can't, and some shouldn't. The teasingly pleasing emotional tension between a man and a woman is among the things that shouldn't. The very process tends to destroy the mystique" Ahh, but if you do it right, it enhances the whole thing :) And if you involve your partner in the analysis, well, you soon end up forgetting what it was you were trying to figure out. As in this (note,this hasn't happened exactly like this, but it sums up various conversations quite well *g*):

Me: I'm not sure if I go all tingly because of how you stand, how you speak, or what you do?

B: *pulls himself up to his full height* Like this?

Me: *starting to go all tingly* Mmm... and your voice... I think...

B: *using full-strength tone of authority"* Like this?

Me: *voice souonding a bit quavery, knees definitely weak, sighs* Oooh definitely that

B: I really think I should spank you for this, it's quite unbecoming

several firm swats from B, I start to go very tingly and submissive. A while later, when my mind is refocussing*

Me: What was I talking about earlier? Ah well, never mind *exit, with big smile*

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