by Jayda on 2004 Aug 14 - 19:29 | reply to this comment On cause and effect There was a case not all that long ago in which an older teenager killed a younger one (both were under 18). It was held that playing a particular violent computer game had led the older child to carry out this act. On further investigation, it was discovered that it was the victim who had the game, not the murderer.

These days, a would-be violent offender could far more easily get their inspiration from the news or from films than from stumbling across a site like this. Or reading books - Nancy Friday's various compilations spring to mind for starters. The fact that someone might take something the wrong way shouldn't stop people discussing things that affect them. To say people shouldn't discuss sexual fantasies such as the rape fantasies raised here because it might give someone somewhere the wrong idea is hammer-to-crack-nut type censorship.

Many of the things (reading sexual fantasies, playing violent computer games, playing role-playing games, watching violent films etc etc and so on) cited as causing people to go out and rape or murder or otherwise abuse people don't make the majority of people who participate in those activities do anything violent or abusive.

Someone who has the mindset needed to commit such crimes will find their justification almost anywhere (I don't know of any cases where someone has cited the label on a can of baked beans as reason - but there are a few where "god has told them to do it"

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