When I recently cycled my first century, do you know what one of my biggest fears was?

Getting lost.

Chris will tell you that I don’t have the best sense of direction (and that’s saying it nicely). I’ve been lost many times in my life. And I’m not just talking about taking a wrong turn. Or, getting off the freeway one exit too late. (I’ve done that plenty.) I’ve felt very alone. I’ve wondered when I’d finally get home.

Samsung was waiting for me at the start of my century ride, on the first leg of their their “Coast to Coast” road trip. They showed up at 6:45 a.m., without getting lost. This camera team has been traveling from LA to New York City, handing their SH100 digital camera from person to person during all 3,600 miles of the journey. Why? To talk to people on the Internet NOT on the Internet.

When I’ve been lost, my Internet friends NOT on the Internet are the ones who’ve kept me grounded. I’ve picked up the phone many times to call Jim (whom I miss so much) and sweet T, below:

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