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Network Security Checklist

Network Security Checklist for Businesses of All Sizes
Research conducted by Verizon reveals that about 61% of all data breaches in 2016 targeted small businesses while the rest targeted big corporations and other institutions. Verizon further reports that as of 2017 90% of all small businesses had not implemented proper network security measures. This is unfortunate considering that losses incurred in case of an attack forced most small businesses to go under.

Small businesses and large corporations alike can stay out of reach of hackers simply by observing network security best practices. Here is an overview of 10 factors that should be in every small business network security checklist.

1. Software Updates
The global ransom-ware attack of 2017 infamously known as Wannacry affected millions of businesses and institutions across the world, including the UK’s NHS. It later turned out that the NHS could have avoided this attack if it had simply updated its operating systems.

Microsoft, Google, and other IT companies often release new updates to seal the weaknesses of their software. These updates are designed to strengthen your systems and make it harder for hackers to breach your network. As such, check whether your software systems are updated. Additionally, be sure to be on the lookout for new updates and always implement them as soon as they are released – it will not cost you a thing!

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