If you are hesitating and hoping to overcome your small doubts, just stop. You won't. Those hesitations are there for a reason and you should heed them. Listen to your gut.

If you think your gut is lying, it's probably not your gut--it's your head yelling so loudly that you can't hear your gut. Don't ignore your gut; it never lies.

As an example, take my good blog friend, Sethro. A few months back, Sethro started to see a woman. He really liked her. He wanted to sleep with her. She wanted to sleep with him too, but only on the condition that their relationship be exclusive. (Sound familiar?) All of us readers urged Sethro to go ahead and commit to the bare minimum of exclusivity with her and have a good time. And he did. And then he broke up with her because he "wasn't feeling it."

Recently, Sethro started dating a new woman and in just a few weeks, with no hesitation at all, he dubbed her, "The Girlfriend."

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