I doubt that if Gary would have used a strong dominant theme he could have gotten nearly as much submission as he has.

And once again, this has all been strongly underscored by love.

Being loved and in...Blush

by Blush on 2004 May 8 - 23:47 | reply to this comment Different Submissions Boss...I think you have done well highlighting that different women (and men) will need different forms of dominance and submission. One could easily write an entire treatise on this subject. I think the difference between what you suggest as 'non-sexual' submission and overtly sexual submission is one of the ways many people will distinquish between HOH DD and D/s styled relationships. Though most relationships appear to have elements of both 'non-sexual' and overtly sexual submission, I think the DD construct best describes the dynamic when calm authority is paramount. Though most often quite restricted in the area of overt sexual submission, it's really hard for me to ever deny that spanking is certainly a form of overt sexual submission even though this is not the most important or defining element of most HOH DD relationships.

Thank you....Frank Nelson

by a Taken In Hand reader on 2004 May 13 - 17:22 | reply to this comment Spanking Sexuality Frank Nelson writes that spanking is sexual but in my House it's not sexual but for punishment only.

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