We can observe the same attitudes among men, although for different reasons. There’s a segment that has been conditioned from birth to act as the matriarchy’s eunuchs, having no clue whatsoever how to be masculine, and there’s another segment, which I argue is at least as large as the previous one, which, again, simply cannot be bothered to do what it takes in order to flourish in the current SMP – for most men, „flourish” equals assortative mating, if that – because it’s too much work and there’s simply no prize. Of course, you won’t read about this even on Game sites, not to mention the mainstream media.

87Anacaona November 9, 2012 at 6:20 am but I sense it is more than that. Your thoughts?

Brendan was brilliant as usual but I want to add as an outsider a couple of other things that I think also add to this mess. Media/magazines/Celebrity culture adding to porn creates the illusion that there is an overpopulation of hot people so the average looking people that in the past only had to compete with the hottest girl/boy in a group of 100 now is competing with Robert Pattinson and Megan Fox. The brain can’t really grasp the idea that this people don’t really live in close proximity so for them they are just potential mates I think some people are more sensible to this effect than others but with enough exposure everyone can think they have a chance of landing one of the millions of hotties around. People stay and become single too long and easily. Another part is the people is technically always available to move on. Assortative mating worked when there was a sense of permanence and longevity now there is no shame on breaking up with a long timer boyfriend to pursue a friend or a better mate, no fault divorce, dating after certain age, mate poaching and so on, there is too many people single at the same time and those people can make a play for almost anyone this makes the disconnect worst because the average person can still wait to have a chance for hotter partner if the occasion arise, and they don’t actually concentrate on falling in love and preserving and nurturing the relationship. There is no “age” for dating. The sense is that you can date till you die having a clear cut age helped people to asses their cost benefit find the best mate and concentrate on making it work. Not such a thing when the 40′s are the new 30′s and we have the cosmetic industry helping with surgery and creams to make people look young for longer time and there is not shame on trying to compete sexually with the younger crowd. Just my two cents

My grandmother’s wedding dress had a waist of something like 20 inches, maybe not even that. But her clothes were shorter than certain things in the children’s section.

Hubby and I joke about having a time machine to do historical tourism and a huge part of the logistics is that we are huge compared to people in the past every time we visit an historical house and see the tiny beds and chairs we say that we need to have a shrinker handy or we will mess history with the accounts of “the giants that visited us”, I think diet is the reason we grow larger now, but also people used to move a lot more so they probably were never as overweight as us modern can get.

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