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GUEST POST SUBMISSION PLANS: PLAN A: SPONSORED POSTS WITH NO-FOLLOW LINK Author bio Only no follow links in author bio Relevant brand link. 2 internal nofollow links Content must exceed 1200+ words Unlimited content updates Content Distribution / Social sharing No Paid campaigns 24-30 Hours publishing time PLAN B: SPONSORED POSTS WITH DO-FOLLOW LINK Author bio Relevant brand links. 2 internal links from same site not from different sites. Content must exceed 800+ words Unlimited content updates Content Distribution / Social sharing No queues. 2 Hours publishing time ASK US PRICE: GUEST POST SUBMISSION GUIDELINES

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WHAT TO SEND? – A Post with 999+ words with links to be added

– Post must contain at least one H2 and two H3 subheads

– A featured image

– 3 lines of author bio (Optional)

– 300+ words of introduction (in case of infographics)

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SEND YOUR DOCS: CATEGORIES TO PICK: Business Tech News Social media Cloud Computing Gadgets Computers Hardware Apps / Reviews SEO & Search Marketing Operating Systems BACKLINK POLICY TO FOLLOW: If link exchange is all what you need, please excuse. We are bound with our stringent backlink policy aligned with Google’s Guidelines.

– Backlinks in the post are no-follow by default, unless you request us to keep them do-follow.

– Changing links to do-follow is subject to our preliminary review of the link relevancy and Google Penguin Guidelines.

– Default do-follow is available to the link that’s relevant to the post and falls under niche categories (top menu). (T&C Applied)

TIME OF PUBLISHING: Though, we put your post in publishing queue immediately upon the receipt, it takes 24 (Min) to 48 hours (Max) to go live after review.

Accepting the post doesn’t really mean it passes the quality test, rather, it’s just an acknowledgement that your post is being queued.

If we don’t confirm the status of your post within five working days of the receipt of your document, please send us a reminder.

CHANGES IN POLICY: Blogging Republic makes timely changes to its guest posting guidelines and retains the authority to do so without any prior notice to our contributors.

– Only original posts will be accepted for the approval.

– Write for humans, not for search engines.

– Articles or posts meant to spread nudity, religious disharmony or violence in any term will be rejected.

– Excessive and irrelevant links in a post will be summarily rejected. We are here to spread knowledge not link farms.

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